FilesToGeaux: Upload a New File

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General Information

FilesToGeaux is a service that allows you to upload file(s) to the LSU web server. Once you have uploaded your file(s), the server will give you the URL that you can use to access your files. The URL can be sent to people with whom you collaborate via e-mail, messaging services, etc. **Since this is a temporary file storage solution, any uploads that are older than 90 days are deleted.**

(**NOTE: In order to upload multiple files at once, you should store the files in a single .zip file or directory.**)

To Upload a File

1. Open FilesToGeaux in a web browser.

2. Enter a valid MyLSU Account ID & Password. (What is a MyLSU Account ID?)

myLSU portal


3. Click Choose File, located on the upper left side of the page.

Files2Geaux page

Choose File button

4. Locate and select the file you want to upload. Click Open at the bottom right.

File Browser

5. Add a File Description and Encryption Password(Optional Step) 

File Description box Encryption Password box


6. (Optional Step) Check the box next to Must authenticate to download if you wish your file to only be accessible to LSU personnel.  

Must Authenticate to Download option

7. Click Upload the File at the bottom right.

Upload File button

8. Click Create Upload URL to share with other people.

Create Upload URL button

  • The following screen gives you the link which you can share with others. Your file is now stored on the server.

9. Click on the URL link to access the file, or copy and paste the link to an e-mail or messaging service to send it to others.

Generated URL page

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