Definition: Teaching Course (Moodle)


Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.

Teaching Courses are the Moodle courses that students can participate in. They are automatically created 30 days prior to the start of each semester, based on the courses listed on the LSU mainframe. One Teaching Course is created for each unique course taught in a semester.

You will recognize a Teaching Course by its name, which includes the current semester, course title, and primary instructor's name. For example, "2010 Fall ENGL 1001 for Mike Tiger ."

Students are automatically enrolled into a Teaching Course 14 days prior to the start of a semester. If a course has multiple sections taught, then the students are enrolled as different groups within the one Teaching Course. You may view the different sections in your roster and gradebook views.

IMPORTANT  --  Teaching courses will automatically be backed up for you and be made available for you within Moodle. If you would like to access the course's contents before you get a new teaching course, you can restore the back-up file into a Master Course, which will always remain in your list of courses in Moodle. 


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