Windows Server 2008 R2: Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

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Windows Deployment Services is the updated version of Remote Installation Services (RIS). Windows Deployment Services allows you to enable Windows operating systems, in particular Windows Vista and WIndows Server 2008. Some of the improvements from Remote Installation Services (RIS) include:

  • The ability to send data and pictures using multicast deployment.

  • The ability to send data and pictures using multicast on a stand-alone server.

  • It does not support RISETUP pictures or OSChooser screens.

  • It includes an improved FTP server.

  • The ability to network boot x64-based computers with Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI).

  • It includes Metric reporting for installations.

  • The ability to use Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

  • It uses Windows PE as the boot operating system.

  • It uses image-based installation with Windows image (.wim) files.

  • It includes a more advanced performing Pre-Boot eXecution Environment (PXE) server.

  • It uses a unique boot menu for selecting boot images.

  • It uses an advanced graphical user interface, which allows you to choose and use images and to manage Windows Deployment Services servers and clients.


Referenced from: Microsoft Docs

10/6/2022 4:50:49 PM