Windows 10: Create a Bootable USB

NOTE: This method is only intended for Windows Pro or Windows Home editions.

Creating a Bootable USB for Windows 10:

1. Access the Windows 10 Installation Tool site. 

2. Scroll down the page, and click Download Tool Now

download button for windows 10 install kit

3. Click Save File in the Opening MediaCreationTool.exe pop-up.

save file window

4. If the User Account Control window appears, select Yes.

5. Once the Windows 10 Setup window pops, select Create installation media for another PC, and click Next.

 windows 10 setup start screen

6. Select the language and edition desired from the pull down menu and then select the appropriate architecture (32 or 64 bit) for your operating system.

select language architype options

7. On the next screen, click USB flash drive Next.

 choosing which media to use screen

8. Then choose Refresh drive list.

 selecting a usb flash drive screen

9. Select the desired flash drive, and click Next.

USB flash drive selected.

10. Windows 10 will now start downloading on your flash drive.

 downloading windows 10

11. After a few minutes of downloading the installation on your flash drive should now be complete. Click Finish.

USB flash drive ready


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