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A True / False question is a simple form of a multiple choice question with just the two choices: 'True' and 'False'. Create a True/False Question in the Question Bank: 1. Open Moodle and select your course.
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The Appearance settings allows instructors to show the user's picture during a quiz attempt. This is especially helpful during proctored exams to help verify the student has logged in as himself. The other settings include the number of decimal places used in the grade, for each question and whether Moodle blocks (like Navigation) will be displayed during an...
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Instructors can Hide/Show the quiz in the Common module settings . The ID number identifies the quiz in grade calculations (this field is optional). The Quiz can also be set to Group mode or restricted to specific groups.
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Quiz Extra Restrictions Settings Instructors can customize the Extra Restrictions , which are optional. If an instructor requires a password, students must enter that password for each attempt (even if the quiz is set to allow only 1 attempt). Instructors can also designate access to subnets on the...
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General Settings In the General Settings, the user can add a Name and D escription for the Quiz. The 'Name' is a required field and is usually the title of the Quiz (e.g. Exam 1). The description is optional, and may include specific instructions or media the students need for the assessment....
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Quiz Grade Settings Instructors can customize the Quiz Grade Settings in this section, including Grade category , Grade to pass , Attempts allowed , and Grading method . If the Gradebook has categories for Quizzes or Exams, instructors should choose...
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The Group Override setting provides instructors the abilitiy to allow for student accommodations and increased time allotments for a number of users within their Moodle course at one time. Before adding a Group Override, instructors must first create a Group for the students who require the same accommodations. See How to...
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Layout Settings The Layout settings allow instructors to specify how many questions to appear on each page of the Quiz and whether students can navigate between questions or progress through the questions in order (sequentially). If 'Sequential' is selected, students will NOT be able to go back and review a question and make edits.
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Quiz Overall Feedback Settings Instructors can customize the Overall Feedback for the quiz. The feedback a student would receive would depend upon the grade range they scored. Click Add More for more boudaries.
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Quiz Question Behavior Settings Instructors can customize the Question behavior for a quiz. If Shuffle within questions is selected as 'Yes', then the answer options (a, b, c, d) will be shuffled for each student. Keep in mind that if one of the options is 'All of the above,' it could appear as...
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