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Course content can be moved around on the Moodle Course Main Page . Icons that let you move items: 1. Move Left / Right...
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Moodle gives instructors the option of hiding items from students, and then making them visible at a later time. Links to hidden items show up as red text with the indicator (hidden) on the Moodle page for participants above the role of student (such as instructors and teaching assistants.) Specific items and entire content areas can be hidden by clicking on the Hide ...
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General Information The Moodle text editor can be changed from its default, ATTO, to TinyMCE, which may be preferable to instructors with foreign languages. To Edit the Text Editor: 1. Log in to Moodle ...
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***IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only change your preferred name once . Then it must be changed by a Moodle Administrator. To Update Your Preferred Name: 1. Login to ...
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