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Following the completion of the 2024 Spring term, we are introducing the read-only course mode as an additional measure to preserve academic records. What is Read-Only Course Mode? The read-only setting prevents changes to teaching courses in Moodle to preserve the academic record at the end of that...
Article Id: 20596
Category: Preferences & Settings

The Edit user picture feature in Moodle allows users to update or remove their user profile picture directly in Moodle. Considerations As you consider editing your user picture, keep the following in mind: The Moodle system attempts to retrieve your photo from the LSU Tiger Card system to create your Moodle user picture. To reprocess this...
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Category: Basic Features & How To's

The My Profile Picture block allows users to reprocess their profile picture. Reprocessing will remove the current profile picture and attempt to replace it with the latest photo from the Tiger Card office or a placeholder image. The My Profile Picture block is located at the bottom of the front page of Moodle and can be made available in the Course...
Article Id: 20487
Category: Basic Features & How To's