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General Information Access to Administrative Applications is granted by the departments having the custodial responsibility for the particular records. A Mainframe Login ID is required for access to University databases. Request a Mainframe Account 1.
Article Id: 584
Category: Policies & Procedures

This article discusses the policy about mainframe accounts when an employee leaves LSU. If an employee leaves LSU, and the account is inactive for a period of 60 days, the account will be set to a status of SUSPEND . When an employee is no longer in HRM as an active employee, their log on ID...
Article Id: 4739
Category: Policies & Procedures

Mainframe access is generally limited to university employees. Request a Mainframe Logon ID Login to the myLSU Portal . Navigate to Computing Services | IMS/TSO Account Request . Approximately 24-hours after you submit your request, you will be...
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General Information You can Manage the Passwords for ALL of your LSU Accounts in one place with the myLSU Portal . (View the myLSU Portal: Overview for more...
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USING THE RUN REQUEST SYSTEM The Run Request system was created to give program users more control and flexibility in running their jobs on the mainframe in a simple, intuitive interface. Jobs that could be easily configured for submission by the user and that didn’t require special facilitation by Production Control were considered for inclusion in the system. Access must...
Article Id: 19856
Category: Policies & Procedures