LSU Online: Getting Started: Welcome and Orientation Overview

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LSU Online: Getting Started: Welcome and Orientation Overview

Welcome to the Student Orientation! This orientation course is designed to help you become a successful online learner and to help you acclimate to online courses, the online community, and to introduce you to the online learning environment. The orientation is an important part of your LSU online experience whether you are a new student or a transfer student.  It will provide you with the very best introduction to your online courses and help you become familiar with the necessary tools to access course materials, and the resources and information you need to succeed. 

This is a self-paced orientation and it is highly encouraged as a first step in understanding the online learning environment. If you need help using the tools in this course please refer to the help menu.

Best wishes for a successful online learning experience!

Orientation Overview and Objectives

This orientation contains these content modules:

General Information:

  • Academic Integrity
  • LSU Information

Learning Modules:

  • Module One: Online Communication
  • Module Two: Online Learning Tools and Collaboration
  • Module Three: Assignments and Assessments

Orientation Objectives

 After reviewing the orientation you will be able to:

  • Find the resources available at LSU that can help you succeed in your online course
  • Explain what skills a student will need to succeed in an online course
  • Submit a sample assignment
  • Identify the forms of online communication and the tools available in an online environment
  • Describe additional tools that may be used in your online course
  • Identify the process for taking proctored assessments 


Orientation Activities

To satisfy the orientation course requirements, you should complete the following module activities:

  • Review module content
  • Watch instructional video tutorials linked within the modules
  • Complete the practice assignment and other activities included within the modules


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