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LSU Online: Getting Started: Welcome and Orientation Overview Welcome to the Student Orientation! This orientation course is designed to help you become a...
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Academic Integrity: Code of Conduct and Plagiarism Academic integrity is a character trait involving honesty and ethical behavior related to scholarly work. Scholarly work...
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Academic Integrity: The professionals of Student Advocacy & Accountability are part of a dedicated team in the ...
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LSU Online: Assignments and Assessments: Assessments (Tests and Surveys) The Assessment tool allows you to take tests or complete surveys online. You can access tests and surveys in any content...
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Assignments and Assessments The assignment tool is used to present a variety of learning activities allowing you to view and submit assignments,...
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My Practice Assignment Reflect on the content covered in this course. Answer the following questions in 1-3 paragraphs. What are the most important things you learned in...
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Overview Online assessment tools can be utilized to facilitate meaningful learning activities. Assessments can take many forms (assignments, quizzes, tests,...
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Online Communication In the video below, you will learn how to effectively communicate online. More specifically,...
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LSU Online: Online Communication: Netiquette Recap Although you might be accustomed to using forms of electronic communication, such as text messaging and chat, communicating...
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