myProxy: LSU Overview

General Information

The myProxy application is a tool where parents/guardians can access student information to which they’ve been given access, and perform actions such as paying a Fee Bill.  If a parent/guardian does not have a myLSU account, a communityLSU account will be needed to access myProxy (see below for more details).  Note that a student’s approval is required prior to any account being granted access to their information.

Getting Started

1. If you do not have a myLSU Account, you will need to Create a communityLSU account.

2. To access a student’s information, the LSU student must invite you  OR  you can Request Access from a student.

3. You will need to Accept the Invitation  OR  wait for the student to accept your Request for Access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have multiple children attending LSU, you will only need to create one communityLSU account.

Log into the myProxy Application

1. Open a web browser and open the myProxy application.

2. Log in using your myLSU account  OR  your communityLSU account.  (The communityLSU account is typically your e-mail address.)

3. You will see ONLY the items that the student specifically gave YOU access to see.  Items include: the fee bill, the bursar office, tax documents, the billing statement, defer pymt / payr deduct & additional services.

Services Which can be Granted Access via myProxy

  • Additional Services
  • Billing Statement
  • CATS Status
  • Classification
  • College Record
  • Defer Payment / Payroll Deduct
  • Directory Information
  • Fee Bill
  • Final Grades
  • Personal Schedule
  • Student Holds
  • Tax Documents

What does this include?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in for the first time?
Go to

How do I request that someone allow me to view their information?
Please see the following article: myProxy: Requesting an Invitation (Guardians/Parents)

I requested access already, when will I be able to see their information?
The student must accept the invitation before you can view their information. Please contact the student to request that they accept it in their account.

I forgot the PIN or it will not accept my PIN. How do I regain access?
The student must reset the PIN. Please contact the student to request that they reset it and provide it to you. You can provide them the following article: myProxy (Students): Inviting a User