Visualization Services Center: LSU Overview

General Information

"The LSU Visualization Services Center is a service center that will strive to greatly enhance the level of knowledge, skills, and interest in visualization tools and techniques among LSU students and faculty. It provides students with the capability of looking at multidimensional datasets as a whole or in sections and the ability to analyze sections of data and present results with greater insight.

The center hosts an instructional lab with high end workstations and projection systems. It has high resolution tiled displays so that one can view large data windows all at once without having to scroll or subsection the data. The lab has 3D capability with stereo displays, 3D glasses, 3D scanners, 3D navigation tools, and various powerful visualization software.

In addition to the physical infrastructure, hardware and software resources, basic user support and training is also available within the services center."

For more information on the services VSC can provide, please see their website at

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