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The Moodle Grade Server can be found here: ...
Article Id: 18495
Category: Simple Restore Block

Importing All Materials allows the instructor to import all of the content from another Moodle course into a current course without clearing the content that already exists there. If you wish to override all content within your current course and start from scratch, you will need to Overwrite Your Course . If...
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Category: Simple Restore Block

Overwriting a course allows the instructor to place the entire content of a backed up course into a new course. Note: Using this feature will overwrite any existing content in the course. To import all materials from another Moodle course without wiping out your current course, you will need...
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Category: Simple Restore Block

Moodle 3: Blocks: Simple Restore Block The Simple Restore Block within a Moodle course allows the user to import content into the course or overwrite the course. This block has been added as a default in Moodle 3 courses. You will only need to do this if you do NOT see the Simple Restore Block within your Moodle course.
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Category: Simple Restore Block

Content can be imported from a Master Course into your Teaching Course once the Teaching Course has been created. For all previously taught courses in Moodle ( not Master Courses), skip to step 1 under Import Material into Teaching Course . There is no need to make a backup of your previously taught courses since backups are automatically created at the...
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Category: Simple Restore Block

The Course Preferences Block is located on the My Home page of Moodle. This block contains several links to settings that can be personalized according to the instructors perference. Course Preferences...
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Category: CPS (Course Preferences System)

Course Splitting allows an instructor to separate multiple sections of a course into different Moodle courses. Each section can be its own Moodle course, or groups of sections can be combined into courses together. NOTE: It is recommended that you split your course before importing materials or making any changes in the course. When the...
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Category: Basic Features & How To's (8)

By default, Moodle courses are created 30 days prior to the first day of class and students are enrolled into the course 14 days prior to the first day of class. You can change the dates of these processes, up to a limit of 60-days prior to the first day of class, if you are listed as the instructor of record on the mainframe by your department. To Change...
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Category: Basic Features & How To's (8)

Moodle 3: Cross-Listing a Moodle course Cross-listing allows an instructor to create a single Moodle course that combines multiple courses that they are teaching. Students in different courses and sections will be enrolled as different groups in the single Moodle course. NOTE: It is recommended that...
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Category: Basic Features & How To's (8)

On the mainframe, there is always an official “instructor of record” for each class taught at LSU. In rare cases, a class can have multiple instructors of record, but there will always be one person who serves as the primary instructor of record. In the vast majority of cases, there is only one instructor of record per course on the mainframe.
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Category: Basic Features & How To's (8)