Google Chrome: LSU Overview

the Google Chrome Logo. It is a circle with red, green, and yellow sections with another small blue circle in the middle.

General Information

Google Chrome is a internet web browser designed for quick and easy access. Chrome has safety features and pre-installed malware and phishing protection to keep your information secure as you browse the internet. These protection devices will auto-update to offer maximum security at all times. Chrome has many unique features to offer you including full page translation, the ability to bring your settings and history to your various computers by simply signing in to Chrome, and even an Incognito mode so you can browse the internet without creating a history.

Pre-Install Notes

Check the Chrome System Requirements

Download & Install

Download the Latest Version of Google Chrome

--Installation Instructions for Windows, Mac & Linux

NOTE: Chrome is also available for use in the Public Access Computer Labs and The LSU Virtual Lab (VLab).

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