PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to save any content from courses that are older than 18 months, you have several options. The first option is to download and save the content to your own computer. The second option is to import the content into a Master Course in Moodle 3. For each course you teach, you can get a single Master Course created. Instructors can use a Master Course to create and store content for a course to be taught in a future semester. Students do not get enrolled in Master Courses. For instructions on how to request a Master Course, please visit GROK article 18456.

Ways to Restore or Import Content into a Moodle 3 Course:

Moodle allows those in an instructor role to restore Moodle courses with other course backups or to import content from one course to another. Below is a list of different options which allow you to restore or import course materials into a course.


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The Kaltura Media Assignment allows students to submit video, audio, images, or a PowerPoint presentation that is synced with a video or audio.

   PLEASE NOTE:  If you have not already created and uploaded your video/media to Kaltura, see GROK article Add Video Files to Kaltura My Media (Students).


How to Submit Media to a Kaltura Media Assignment:

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Click the Kaltura Assignment in your course.

Kaltura assignment in moodle 3

3. In the Kaltura assignment, click the Add Media Submission button in the center of the screen. 

Add media submission button in kaltura in moodle 3

4. Click the blue Select button to the right of the video you wish to submit.

  PLEASE NOTE:  If you have not already created and uploaded your video/media to Kaltura, see GROK article Add Video Files to Kaltura My Media (Students).

File upload selection on kaltura

5. The next step is to customize embedded media options. Once you have the settings how you like, click the blue Embed button at the bottom left. 

embedded media options on kaltura

6. You will see a preview of the video. If you selected the wrong file, click on Replace media. When you are ready to submit your assignment, click Submit media.

assignment submission confirmation

7. The process is now complete. Click the Continue button to return to the Kaltura Media Assignment.

kaltura upload completion window

8. Once your assignment has been graded, see View Your Grade and Feedback on a Kaltura Submission (Students).


Referenced from: Kaltura

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