PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to save any content from courses that are older than 18 months, you have several options. The first option is to download and save the content to your own computer. The second option is to import the content into a Master Course in Moodle 3. For each course you teach, you can get a single Master Course created. Instructors can use a Master Course to create and store content for a course to be taught in a future semester. Students do not get enrolled in Master Courses. For instructions on how to request a Master Course, please visit GROK article 18456.

Ways to Restore or Import Content into a Moodle 3 Course:

Moodle allows those in an instructor role to restore Moodle courses with other course backups or to import content from one course to another. Below is a list of different options which allow you to restore or import course materials into a course.


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Moodle allows you to transfer your students' midterm final grades into your myLSU grade sheets. You will still need to go through the myLSU Post Grades application to submit grades to the Registrar's Office.

NOTE: Only the Instructor of Record can submit the midterm and final grades for a course. Even if you are enrolled as a Primary Instructor of a Moodle course, you will not be able to post grades to PAWS if you are not listed on the Mainframe as the instructor of record.


To Post Moodle Grades:

1. Log into Moodle(  and select the course.

2. During Post Grades (MidTerms & Finals), the Post Grades Block will display and links will appear for each section, as well as a list of degree candidates. This is the time to transfer your grades from Moodle to the Mainframe grade sheets. &n

*NOTE: Beginning the Fall 2015 semester, plus/minus grading is required for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses using the A+ through F letter grading system. The default scale in Moodle will be a “sample” grading scale in which instructors can adjust to meet their own needs. 

If the plus and minus scale does not show up, or if you do not see enough spaces for all the letter grade boundaries for the plus/minus scale, please uncheck the "OVERRIDE SITE DEFAULT" and follow the instructions below to change the default values of each grade scale boundary. Click on "SAve CHANGES" when finished.

For additional information regarding the plus/minus grades guidelines, please visit the Office of the University Registrar website.

To Customize the Letter Grade Scale in a Moodle Course:

1. Log in to Moodle.

2. Click on the 'Grades' link in the Administration block.

Grades option on the Administration block

3. Click on the drop-down menu in the top middle of the gradebook page. Under the Letters section, click on the Edit link.

gradebook dropodown menu with Edit selected

4. The default values for the letter grades are set when your Moodle course is created, but you can edit them by clicking on the Override site defaults box. Until the override is selected, the text fields for each grade boundary are locked and greyed-out.

Note:If the plus and minus scale does not show up, or if you do not see enough spaces for all the letter grade boundaries for the plus/minus scale, please uncheck the "Override site defaults" checkbox and follow the instructions below to change the default values of each grade scale boundary. Click on "Save Changes" when finished.

Grade Letters box

5. Once the override is enabled, the text fields beneath each letter grade will become open for you to type new boundary values. Type the number for the lowest possible value for each grade. Moodle rounds only after the 4th decimal, so a lower boundary of 90.0000 for an A will determine that a grade of 89.9999 is a B.

Grade Letters override checkbox

6. After making changes to the letter grade boundaries, click on the 'Save Changes' button.

Projected Final Grades allow the professor to help project what grades a student needs to make for a final exam. If the option is turned on for students to view this option, students can also use this report to project their own final grade. Users are able to fill in grades for any grades not already entered into the gradebook and this report will calculate their overall grade for them using the values that are keyed in.

To Enable/Disable Projected Final Grade in your Course:

Note: By default, Projected Final Grade is enabled for students in your course.

1. Login to Moodle and open your desired course.

2. Select Course Administration | Grades under the Administration Block.

Grades on the administration block on Moodle

How to Order Kaltura Captions

All videos added to Kaltura can go through mechanical captioning. The length of time to caption a video can depend on how many videos are in queue, and how long the video is. Usually, captioning takes five times the length of a video, but can take up to two days. This is an estimation only, so make sure you plan accordingly. The steps below will walk you through a caption request.

  1. Log into Moodle3.
  2. Access My Media.
    • In the Navigation block on the left, click on Kaltura ⇒ My Media

My media

  1. 3. Click on the title of the video. (Do not click on edit or the image of the video.)

By default, Moodle courses are created 30 days prior to the first day of class and students are enrolled into the course 14 days prior to the first day of class. You can change the dates of these processes, up to a limit of 60-days prior to the first day of class, if you are listed as the instructor of record on the mainframe by your department.

To Change Creation & Enrollment Settings:

1. Log on to Moodle

2. Click the Creation & Enrollment link in the Course Preferences System block on the Home level of Moodle.

Creation / Enrollment link on the Course Preferences block

3. In the text boxes for creation and enrollment, enter numbers for how many days prior to the first day of class you want these processes to take place. For example, if you wo

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