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Who is FuelTrac? What Services are Offered to LSU? FuelTrac is a fleet management company headquartered in Baton Rouge. They provide universally accepted fuel cards which are tied to University owned vehicles or other...
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The Media Access Control(MAC) address can be used to identify computers on the network. MAC address composes of twelve(12) alpha-numeric digits ranging from 0 to 9 and A to F. It is usually written in six groups of two digits separated by hyphens( - ), colons( : ), or spaces. The following are examples of MAC addresses: 001E35F5589B ...
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Sustainability: Save Energy Creating a Sustainable Office and Home 1. Lighting : Use task lighting and turn off overhead lights. Use sunlight for heat and shades for cooling. Choose compact fluorescent bulbs -- CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use LED bulbs instead for...
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General Information Elements , which has replaced LSU Faculty360, is the university's Faculty Information System - a platform to collect, analyze, showcase and report all of your scholarly activities. Elements serves as a faculty expertise portal for each faculty member’s teaching, research, scholarly and...
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Accounting Services Forms Go directly to the Accounting Services web site to download the latest version of the form. Included Forms: ...
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LSU Approved Fonts The LSU Approved Fonts are: Arial, Arial Narrow, Meta, Museo, Roboto, and Whitney. Arial is the easiest to read as a body text. Meta and Arial are...
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The LSU business system templates include pieces that are frequently the first contact with our external audiences. These items should present a consistent design, color palette, and typeface. Complete information about the proper use of this font is managed through the ...
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PowerPoint templates are no longer made available by The Division of Strategic Communications. You may, however, refer to the Brand Guide as a reference to guide your drafting process. LSU Division of Strategic Communications: Brand Guide and Templates.
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