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To Access the Reporting Paste Tools Option on myLSU : 1. Login to...
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Category: Financial Services

To Access Asset Management in the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into the myLSU Portal.
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Category: Financial Services

To Access Financial Data Model (FDM) Translation through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log in to myLSU .
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Category: Financial Services

To Access Your Direct Deposit of Refunds through myLSU Portal: 1. Log in to myLSU. 2. From the...
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Category: Financial Services

Note: Except for Form 1098, tax documents starting from 2016 to the present are now accessible in Workday. Please check your email or consult your supervisor for more information. To view your 1098,...
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Category: Financial Services

You can go directly to the Financial Management Center: Accessing Financial Management Center through...
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Category: Financial Services

Printing Your Billing Statement in myLSU: 1. Login to myLSU .
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Category: Financial Services

Requesting a scholarship query only takes a few minutes. Once a scholarship has been registered, the query can be viewed anytime using the TRX Code. Request a Scholarship Query 1.
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Category: Financial Services

The Choose a Scholarship Query feature is used for queries that have been previously registered. Administrators though are allowed to choose the data they wish to have exported. Locate a Registered...
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Category: Financial Services

To access the Flagship Agenda through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into myLSU .
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Category: Planning Resources