Degree Audit: LSU Overview

General Information

1. A Degree Audit analyzes how a student's courses apply to a unique degree program.  The degree program is defined by a major and a catalog year.  In some cases, an area of concentration further identifies the degree program.  Declared minors are also included on the report.

  • NOTE:  Graduate programs do not have Degree Audits.

2. A Transcript is an official document with a limit to the number you can print without cost.  See more about Requesting an LSU Transcript.  (Students cannot e-mail their LSU transcripts to email addresses on the domain.)

  • You can print a College Record when you do not need an official copy.  It contains the same information and is always FREE.

Access your Degree Audit

1. Log into the myLSU Portal. (

2. Select Student Services | Degree Audit.

3. Select your Classification.  (LSU, LSU Law Center, or LSU Vet)

4. Click View Current Degree Audit.

(View detailed instructions.)

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